Our Vision

Our story starts back in 2013, with one freelance writer and his vision to fix some of the fundamental problems that businesses were having when it came to outsource content writing. For many companies and individuals sourcing reliable, high-quality, and affordable content for large projects was near impossible. Businesses were being let down time and time again by freelance content writers promising them the world, then delivering well below par.

So, in came Anglo, a small but competent native English writing team that promised the perfect balance of reliability, quality, and affordability… and then actually delivered it.

What allowed us to do what others couldn’t? We’ve always believed successful content production stems from building a good working relationship with the client to fully understand their needs and objectives from the get-go, solid project management and a complete dedication to collaborating with only the best native English writers – and it still does today.

English Writers, Doing What They Do Best

Scott Anfield, the founder of Anglo Content, has spent more than a decade gaining valuable freelance content writing experience by collaborating with both international brands and small mom-and-pop businesses alike, before growing this new and exciting vision from the ground up.

Based in England, he saw the urgent need that clients had when it came to hire a freelance copywriter from their own country who understands the culture and mindset which the content writing is intended for – they just ‘get’ it. Having worked alongside many Indians and Filipinos in this industry, it quickly became clear that native English copywriting was the only way forward if clients were to receive insightful, well-written and accurate content writing which ticks all the boxes.

By bringing together English freelance content writers with an incredible aptitude for producing consistently excellent work, the recipe quickly translated into overwhelming success. Clients were able to buy content online without leaving their office, and outsource content writing tasks confidently month after month.

Over the years, the team changed and evolved. New faces joined and old faces bid us farewell, but throughout it all, the main vision stayed the same. Now, the success of Anglo has been scaled up to the unique freelance writing website that it is today.

A Freelance Writing Website Like No Other

Anglo Content has evolved from small beginnings to become a one-of-a-kind hub to outsource content writing solutions. High-quality, reliable, and affordable content is still at the heart of Anglo, but now we’re able to solve the problems of content production on an exceptional scale.

From Anglophone counties such as the United Kingdom, America, Canada, and Australia we have created a team of brilliant, dedicated English writers who live and breathe the English language. Every one of our freelance copywriters shares the same passion for delivering quality content that takes a unique business message or idea and brings it to life.

Outsource Content Writing Tasks With Confidence

Today you can choose exactly how you want to us to produce your content and our talented freelance writers for hire will deliver as promised.

With our freelance writing website you can choose from twenty different types of content, create your project brief, pick a writer from our exclusive team, or have your project managed in full… it’s all up to you.

Whether it’s a small project, a large project, or an ongoing content creation requirement, our team is always at the ready when you need to buy content and outsource content writing projects successfully.