How Does Blog Posting Affect My Google Rank/SERP?


There are few things that have a bigger impact on brand visibility than where your website ranks on search engines.

The statistics on SEO importance are mind-blowing:

  • 93% of all online experiences start on a search engine
  • More than 63% of searches are made on Google
  • 70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads
  • 75% of searchers only click on first-page results
  • The top 3 websites get 60% of clicks

The big takeaway is that you need to rank well on Google if you want high brand visibility and the mammoth share of traffic. You have countless options open to you to increase your Google rank, but perhaps one of the easiest to implement with the greatest rewards is to start a blog or regularly update an existing one.


The Relationship Between Blog Posts & Google Rank

Does a blog affect Google rank? Absolutely!

However, the first thing you need to know is that just having a blog doesn’t affect where you rank, as it isn’t one of Google’s ranking factors. There are around 200 ranking factors that cover everything from Panda penalties and Easter Egg results to redirects.

Instead, one of the most important determiners of where you rank on SERPs is the content of your blog posts. Publishing quality blog posts assists with many of Google’s ranking factors, including some of those deemed to be the most important for SEO, like links, keywords and bounce rate/dwell time.

Your website as a whole will benefit when you regularly publish good blog posts that rank highly on Google. Here are three of the biggest ways that blog posts affect SERP rank:


1) An Active Blog Increases Linking Opportunities

Internal, outbound and inbound links are important for SEO: blog posts can help with all three. The number of internal links on your website is particularly easy to improve with blog posts, as you can link between blogs, and link to your service/product page, homepage or contact page.

As you research topics, find figures and craft quality content, outbound links will also be easy to accumulate naturally within the body of your blog posts. The difficult links to acquire are inbound links.

Each new blog post is a chance to create valuable content that other businesses and individuals will link to. If you’re producing helpful content, the number of inbound links to your website will increase, as will your website’s authority and Google rank.


2) Blog Post Writing Is an Easy Way to Use Long-Tail Keywords

Unlike short keywords, long-tail keywords can be difficult to incorporate into standard web pages. Using long-tail keywords in blog posts or as the title of blog posts is much easier.

Targeting this kind of keyword can be great for business, as half of search queries are four words or more. Longer keywords typically have less competition, so there won’t be much standing in your way of ranking highly.


3) Quality Blog Posts Will Keep Readers on Your Website

Search engines want their users to have the best experience, which is why bounce rate – the number of visitors to view one page before leaving – and dwell time – the time a user spends on a site before leaving/returning to the result – are such important ranking factors.

By optimising your blog posts with relevant titles and descriptions, and producing well researched, high-quality content, you deliver what reader’s want and search engine’s reward. Improving bounce rate and dwell time by giving readers a reason to stick around will increase customer engagement, your website’s Google rank and your credibility and reputation.

The more you optimise your blog posts for search engines, the better the chance they’ll rank highly. Regularly updating your content, optimising metadata, adding alt tags and producing quality blog content will help your blog posts to rank well and improve the visibility of your website.



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